The First 100 Days: Artists Respond

The election of Trump to US president was hard for me to process. In expressing this to friends, I was told “you should do an art show, Matt!” That’s all I needed to hear and I set out to do exactly that. This was the largest group exhibit I have executed on my own (with some great friends helping, too!) outside VAA. Pulling on all my experience, this happened.

From the call for entries:

By all accounts, the inauguration of Donald Trump was historic. Following that, his administration’s actions have been unprecedented. His supporters continue to support him and his detractors continue to object.

Historically, when these sorts of events happen, artists respond. This is actually one of the most important roles artists have played throughout history. Already, artists are applying their skills to this national debate in many ways but there hasn’t been a central location for all the events to be coordinated.

Join  the voice that will be heard on Trump’s 100th day as president. April 29, 2017 is when both sides are going to acknowledge their progress. On that day, artists should have their voices heard by holding exhibits, shows, reading, performances, etc. This is the time for artists to reflect on what is happening in the world using their art!

Art work from “either side of the aisle” is welcome and should be created since January 20, 2017.

From the exhibit guide:

This exhibit is comprised of 59 artworks by 45 artists. Works were selected on artistic merit in conjunction with the artist statement. Although most are from Houston-area artists, there are four from out of state.

The call for entries was very clear in saying that ANY political perspective was welcome; the driving force of the exhibit was to allow artists to respond to what’s happening in their world at this time. This is, and always has been the primary purpose of art! Only one artist inquired asking, “I’m pro Trump. May I submit my work for consideration?” The answer was, “Yes, the works will be considered on their artistic merit, not their political perspective.” Sadly this artist did not enter work. Nor did ANY other artist with a “pro Trump” stance.

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