Aldon Mines: Pythagorean Nightmares exhibit

Aldon Mines is both a creative artist and skilled craftsman. People like him have the ability to create work that stands apart from classic art forms such as oils, acrylics, photography and pottery. Part carpenter, part abstract watercolorist, his constructs combine heavy, masculine materials, with delicate, light watercolors.

His process begins with the creation of abstract forms on paper by using watercolor inks. Then, pen work is applied in structured abstract forms that “grow” out of the uncontrolled, watercolor work. In doing this, he is using his subconscious to find structure where there is none. Therefore, he is classified as a Modernist.

Other artists have done this kind of mixed media work, of course. However, Aldon has more to say than just putting ink on paper and calling it finished. Much more. Separate from the work on paper, he invents complex, dynamic shapes consisting of clusters of acute triangles. This is a very easy concept to envision, however, making such complicated shapes a reality in wood and plexiglass is the king of things nightmares are made of.

The exhibit is at Heritage Plaza Gallery (1111 Bagby St., Houston, TX 77002; M-F, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm) through August 22.


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